Leadership Team

Du Nguyen - CEO

As the visionary founder and CEO of Cardii, Du Nguyen is reshaping the digital gifting sector by leveraging AI and data to create more impactful and personalized business interactions. With a rich background in data and AI from his experiences at Acxiom, Meta, and other industry leaders, Du leads a team of innovative thinkers at Cardii, aiming to triple the effectiveness of gift card experiences. Based in Marin County, Bay Area, Du's entrepreneurial spirit drives Cardii's mission to transform gift cards into memorable, meaningful exchanges.

Chandos Quill - Strategy Advisor

As the Strategy Advisor at Cardii, Chandos Quill applies her extensive expertise in data and analytics to drive the company's innovation in the digital gifting sector. Her career, distinguished by notable achievements in data-driven strategy, equips her to lead Cardii in revolutionizing the gifting experience. Chandos skillfully combines analytical insights with strategic foresight to create personalized and impactful gifting solutions. Based in Orange County, her visionary leadership and strategic acumen are essential to Cardii's commitment to redefining standards in the digital gifting marketplace.