For the first time, you can give gift cards that delight and impress recipients with AR experiences that are fun to receive, hard to forget, and easy to redeem. In addition, Retailers win through higher redemption rates and more in-store shoppers at their physical stores.


Although with a $160B market, gift cards are complained to be stale and impersonal.


Recipients often forget to use their gift cards, 30% of which go unused yearly.


Retailers' revenue stuck since most recipients spend 38% over the face value of their gift cards.

AR Queue's Solution

Customizable interactive AR experiences to make gift cards personal and memorable.

Gamification and retailer offers to incentivize recipients to redeem gift cards in-stores.

Brandable AR experiences for retailers to foster customer engagement and loyalty.

Diagram of how AR Queue works

1. Give

The giver chooses a unique AR experience, a retailer, and a personalized message for the selected friend.

2. Receive

Recipient unlocks Gift Card by interacting with the AR Experience in-store. Incentives and offers can be added to drive engagement.

3. Redeem

The recipient immediately redeems the Gift Card in-store. Giver only pays when the Gift Card is retrieved.

Logos of Supported Retailers


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Meet the Team

Du's profile photo

Du Nguyen

Founder, CEO

Co-Chair of Retail & eCommerce Committee at VR/AR Association.

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Jon Moggio

Co-Founder, Head of AR Development

Unity developer with a career built on creating great experiences as a designer, coder, and team manager.

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Neil Zhu

Co-Founder, Head of UX & AR Design

Duel Master Degrees in Architecture & Science in Information from the University of Michigan.

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